Metal backlit signs

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After cutting, we do well polished, insert led strips, painted, and anodized finishes​, then the metal backlit signs are finished.

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  • Custom Channel Letter Sign

    Custom Business Signage Halo Lit Letters Led Backlit Sign

    Channel letters are one of the most popular types of exterior signage used today. Very readable, very visible and highly effective in marking a location, channel letter signage is among the most widely used exterior building signage.


    1. High brightness, uniform luminescence, no color difference.
    2.Can be arbitrary deployment of required colors, to meet the personalized requirements of enterprise image.
    3. Front can be luminous, light transmittance, three-dimensional strong sense.
    4. Long life span. Windproof, waterproof, dustproof, free from adverse weather conditions.
    5. Energy saving, low operating cost.